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Film Review: ‘Ant-Man’ - Variety

Variety: Certainly Marvel devotees will swarm to this final entry in what the company has termed “Phase Two” of its ongoing and largely successful plot to colonize the known moviegoing universe. (For those not keeping track, this phase began with “Iron Man 3,” launched “Guardians of the Galaxy” and included the sophomore installments of the Avengers, Thor and Captain America franchises.) That sort of easy integration with the MCU’s bigger, better-known properties seems to be precisely what Wright was trying to avoid with his telling, which he and writing partner Joe Cornish first pitched years ago, well before “Iron Man” kicked off Phase One. And while Wright and Cornish retain story and screenplay credit (the latter shared with the rewriting team of Rudd and Adam McKay), their eventual parting of ways with Marvel stands as a sadly instructive example of what can happen to a talented filmmaker who dares to prioritize personal vision over studio synergy.

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