Marisa Tomei to Play Aunt May in New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie


Now that Marvel and Sony have found their Peter Parker, the focus has turned to the aunt who raised him.

Sources tell Variety that Marisa Tomei is the choice to play Aunt May in the next installment of the “Spider-Man” franchise.

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-Foxtrot2023d ago

Really? A hot Aunt May


Jesus. Spiderman gets younger and so does Aunt May.

RetrospectRealm2023d ago

Spider-Man was young in the comics too.

Lord_Sloth2023d ago

Marisa Tomei is 51. Nothing states Aunt May has to look like she's 80. I'm 30 and my parents are 54.

Peter Parker is usually a teenager. We'll say 17. This would mean that on average his parents would be 37 assuming they had Peter when they were both 20. This would still make May over a decade older than his parents.

Aunt May being in her 50s is fine. Besides, in TAS movies we saw Sally Field who showed a stronger Aunt May than that annoying, shaky old super nice lady who would offer you come caramel caandy and ask you to watch your mouth from the Raimi films. Plus she looks like a woman who was hot in her heyday (which she was) so there's no issue here.

Tomei is an accomplished actress with 31 years acting experience so let's give her a shot. So long as she's not strutting her stuff in role then she should be fine.

It's not like they cast Mary-Louise Parker (who is the same age) or anything anyways.

-Foxtrot2023d ago

Every single version of Aunt May over the years whether it's the comics, animated series or films etc she's always been portrayed as an older woman...usually with grey hair.

Lord_Sloth2023d ago

Up until the year 2000 Nick Fury was White.
Up until Falcon, all super heroes were white.
Up until Stephanie Brown, Robin was always male.
Up until 1971 comics had never launched without the stamp of approval (or censorship, whichever you prefer)

Switching the age of a character to be younger yet still not young isn't really an issue is it? Let's just see how it goes. May has generally been kind of a fireball anyways, maybe it'll suit her.

SilentNegotiator2022d ago

Are you seriously comparing switching Aunt May to a middle age woman when she has always been depicted as an older person to a change of a lack of minority characters in pre-70s comics? lol, I think the reasoning behind these changes might be just a BIT different.

Lord_Sloth2021d ago

No. I'm simply saying change is quite common in the world of comics and that there have been more drastic changes than this.

WizzroSupreme2023d ago

Well, at least she's a more likely age to be Peter Parker's aunt than Spider-man and the Amazing Spider-man's Aunt May.

Aldous_Snow2023d ago

People accusing Marvel/Sony of being ageist for opting for a younger, yet 50+ year old to play Aunt May. These same people are the complaining over her age, so who is it being ageist exactly?

Yeah, I thought so too.. People just love to whinge.

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