Scream: “Hello, Emma” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Now that’s slightly more like it. Last week, I called out Scream the TV series for lacking a fundamental key to the equation of being a proper part of the Scream franchise: fun. For all the bad of the episode, it never achieved “so bad it’s good” level and very little praise in response to that went past “it was decent” or “it was fine for what it was.” It simply existed, which may work for a by-the-numbers procedural but shouldn’t be the case for even the most basic (which this shouldn’t be considered) of teen dramas. Hoping the series would exceed expectations and wishing that it would at least make a good time out of it didn’t pan out, but series premieres aren’t exactly known for being the perfect versions of a series. Episode two, “Hello, Emma,” is still a mess and infuriating in quite a few ways, but at least here it shows a possibility of the “so bad it’s good” status. It’s actually kind of fun, as unintentional as it may be.

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