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The Full Slate of Star Wars Films Leaked in Advance of SDCC?

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In advance of Friday’s Hall H presentation a VERY legitimate looking rundown of Star Wars slate of films has popped up on Imgur.

The image is said to have been taken at Disney/Lucasfilm’s rundown for their Hall H presentation at SDCC.

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Crazay2638d ago

I'm still pretty unsure that I actually want a Han Solo film. Especially not if it's a joint venture with Boba Fett who I absolutely hate as a character.

It'd be cool to see how Han Solo came to befriend Chewbacca and all that jazz just keep Fett out of it.

And if they're going to do an Obi Wan story - Let's make sure that Ewan Macgregor gets to reprise the role.

-Foxtrot2638d ago

Ewan Macgregor needs to come back

I really want to see what Obi Wan did when he found out about Vader and if he did anything to stop him

However it would be a little disappointing as we know as an audience that he doesn't stop him....he actually ends up being killed by him in the future. I hate stories like that.

RetrospectRealm2638d ago

You'll likely see that in Star Wars Rebels.

WizzroSupreme2638d ago

Upate confirms it's totally fake. Figures.

coolbeans2638d ago

I'm actually relieved. Not sure how to handle a Solo/Fett joint adventure. I'm more interested in stuff like Rogue One because it's familiar side-story that appears to be centered around NEW characters.

scark922637d ago

Yeah sounds like some weird fan fiction!

2637d ago