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Ant-Man Post Credit Scenes Revealed - Spoilers in Here

Clickonline writes: "Ant-Man is almost here and while its defintiely part of the wide Marvel-verse - it's the cap on Phase 2 to be precise - it's a bit of a different film for a lot of reasons. We'll go into those more in our full review but right now we're here to talk about those credit sequences."

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Aldous_Snow2020d ago

I couldn't resist, I clicked... and, well... meh

Defectiv3_Detectiv32020d ago

No way, Thanos kills Hank Pym!?

Porcelain_Chicken2020d ago

Indeed. Who would have known. I thought he'd still just be sitting in his chair pondering about how he's lost more stones than he's gained since the beginning of the MCU for another few movies.

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