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'Star Wars' Han Solo Spinoff In the Works With 'Lego Movie' Directors

From THR:

Miller and his partner Phil Lord, the duo behind The Lego Movie and the hit 21 Jump Street movies, are tackling one of Star Wars anthology movies as their next directing project, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

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-Foxtrot2025d ago

If Chris Pratt is rumoured to be in the running for the new Indiana Jones then he would be alright as Han Solo in my opinion

RetrospectRealm2025d ago

Chris Pratt is not Harrison Ford.

-Foxtrot2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Well of course not but Indy and Han have similar character traits which is why he pulled both roles off so well. If one actor is playing Indy then he would be alright for Han.

I think Chris could pull it off.

StarWarsFan2025d ago

I like Chris Pratt, but I'd like to see another face. We don't need casting crossover between Marvel movies and Star Wars. There are plenty of actors out there. I'm not sure about this directing team though. They've had hits, but haven't tackled this kind of material either.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32024d ago

That really sucks, I was looking forward to what they would do with The Flash.

More importantly, will the movie touch on Han's first marriage? This really just feels like a fan service; kinda like making a Bobba Fett movie. Do we really need this movie?