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Odd Mom Out: “Midwife Crisis” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Midwife Crisis” may feature the most dramatic storyline of Odd Mom Out yet, but the episode is also one of the series’ most underwhelming installments to date. For one, trying to make a stock plot like an emergency baby delivery feel fresh is an uphill battle from the get-go. Here, Jill acts as the impromptu midwife in question. She pays a visit to Brooke only to find the kind of trail that Hansel and Gretel would appreciate; Brooke’s pristine Upper East Side carpet has been stained by blood and other delivery-related bodily excrement, fun indications that the lady of the house is going into labor unexpectedly. The welcome absurdity and grotesquerie of this scene doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most overused sitcom conventions, and the number of clichés in the rest of the episode threaten to tank it completely.

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