TVF Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Snitch

Major Crimes (sometimes) isn't afraid to ask hard questions.

In Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 5, Sykes grapples with the question of how to protect a young witness. I love it when characters face difficult moral dilemmas, and Sykes hit every beat perfectly.

Sykes is one of those characters who is often in the background, but when she takes center stage, she gets the most powerful stories. "Snitch" was no exception.

I really loved Sykes' initial scenes with her young witness. The little girl (did we ever get her name at all?) was just trying to do the right thing and no doubt was confused by Sykes' powerful instructions to her.

Girl: Wait...don't you want to know who did it?
Sykes: I'll find him. That's my job.

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alycakes2030d ago

This was one of the best episodes so far. Sykes is a great character but she doesn't get a chance to show it often.