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Robert Downey Jr. Has Earned This Much For Captain America: Civil War


Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. has made a whole lot of money from his role as the Marvel Comics superhero in 2015, reportedly raking in a whopping $80 million for his work on Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

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04roacht2028d ago

That is bullshit. No actor would be paid that much in advance. He may get that much share of the box office but I guarantee he hasnt been paid that much yet.

RetrospectRealm2027d ago

Who the hell said he was paid in advance? That's how much he's making according to his contract.

04roacht2027d ago

Do you have to shoot me down every comment I make?

Aldous_Snow2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Calm down dear. You sound jelly..

Considering he was commanding 50 mill for the 1st Avengers movie, I don't see how this is bullshit. He knows they need him so his pay check is just going to keep getting bigger!!

Would you say no? Cause I know I wouldn't.

04roacht2027d ago

I don't doubt he will get 80 million but he wont be paid that until the film is released

RetrospectRealm2027d ago

I really don't try to. You seriously just made extremely weird and not thought out comments everytime you decide to make a comment. Like wtf, you said anything about making the money in advance?

WizzroSupreme2027d ago

He deserves every penny. Definitely made the Avengers what it is today – at least, Marvel would agree.

MilkMan2027d ago

Hes not worth 80 million, no one is. Its not Robert Downey we are going to see, its Iron Man. Its like the Hulk, whoever plays the Hulk is whatever, its about the Hulk itself.
Its all about good agents, and box office percentages.
Ask yourself this question, why didn't The Judge make 1 billion dollars?
Oh, cause it didn't have 100 super-heroes in it, that's why.

WizzroSupreme2027d ago

Because The Judge wasn't a movie that demanded a theatrical viewing nearly as much. You could ask yourself why The Theory of Everything or Whiplash didn't make a billion too and claim that they "didn't have 100 super-heroes in it." Most films don't.

And Marvel apparently agrees that he's worth $80 million. Doesn't their opinion count? They're the ones that are paying him, not you.

TwistedMetal2026d ago

I agree I only go see major blockbuster big action movies at the theaters because you need a big screen for those special effects. movies like the judge I would never go see in the theaters. You watch stuff like that in you home on bluray/netflix. Im glad i dont have a gf that wants to see movies like that or 50 shades of grey or crap like that at the movie theaters.

With that said I watch marvel movies because its a shared universe and because They have almost all of the actors are they same in each movie. I know warmachine was switched but that was before the shared universe was realised as well as the hulk which I didnt even know was apart of the shared universe.

marvel will ruin it for me if they start switching out more main actors at this point. If they have to change actors then they need to go the alternative universe option and have the robert downey jr get killed and then another iron man comes from the alternative universe something similiar to that star trek 2009 movie

RetrospectRealm2026d ago

I think you're right about most superheroes, pretty much all superheroes... EXCEPT IRON MAN. It's pretty clear that the Tony Stark character is the attraction. Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark are basically one in the same. So yes, it is him the people are going to see.

And using The Judge is a terrible example.

MilkMan2026d ago

I realize you don't have bubbles, so please feel free to answer via email if you are so inclined. What if I subed Sherlock for The Judge. A role which I feel is also pure Downey Jr.

It made money, but not billions and hence no huge payday for RD Jr.

Once upon a time Arnold and Bruce and Jim Carrey used to get deals like these.

alti2026d ago

sincerely, iron man played by anybody else would do poorly. They will make 80 million (extra) on this movie, easy, with robert doing the role.

hazelamy2027d ago

he'll be richer than Stark soon. ^_^

monkeyfox2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Robert d j like it or not has made the entire franchise, including avengers what it is today... Its a disgusting amount of money but in terms of what he's earnt the studio, he's worth every penny...

Stringerbell2026d ago

Yeah it seems like it was so long ago but if RDJ and Favreau didnt hit a home run with Iron Man, there would be no franchise for any of these Marvel films.

Bathyj2026d ago

Exactly. RDJ owes Favreau so much. Where was his career before that?

Anyway I say good luck to him. I like seeing good actors make a well deserved comeback. Still hoping Kurt Russell is going to shine in Hateful Eight.