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Collider Review: Rectify Season 3

Delving back into the world Ray McKinnon has created with his exceptional drama Rectify is like visiting family. The desire to reunite is a joyous one, but it’s also not necessarily without its conflicts and even pain. Season 3 doesn’t hold back on any of those latter emotions, even just as of its first episode, which picks up immediately where Season 2 left off.

Daniel (Aden Young) is still a divisive factor in his family, especially in the wake of his decision to take a plea deal from DA in which he had to admit the crime and be banished from the state. Amantha (Abigail Spencer) is rightfully heartbroken that after devoting her life to proving her brother’s innocence, he throws everything away by embracing guilt (whether true or not) and leaving.

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alycakes2026d ago

I can't wait to start watching it again. It starts on Thursday and I'll have to record it because I'll have company but as soon as everyone's in bed I'm watching it. This is really an awesome show and if you know anything about it you can't stop watching it.