DC Vs Marvel: Who Is Winning The Superhero TV War?


Marvel and DC have been churning out huge cinematic superheroes for the big screen for decades now. While DC certainly had the edge with Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman, Marvel finally got the budget, vision and effects to bring huge franchises like Spider-Man and X-Men onto film. With the release of Iron Man and the shared universe that culminated in The Avengers, Marvel finally got the edge over DC, who – aside from the critical success of The Dark Knight trilogy – is now scrambling to replicate the shared universe template, using Man Of Steel as a platform for finally bringing The Justice League to the big screen.

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-Foxtrot2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Matter of an opinion though really

I hate Arrow and the Flash because I don't feel they respect the source materail at all, like they've just picked random stuff out of a hat for plot points. Then you have Arrow which goes from something loosely based on the Green Arrow with a realistic Nolan vibe to a "Oh yeah this is the Green Arrow" and has stuff like the Flash included. No sense of direction in my opinion. The shows seem like they were made for casual audiences and are very dumbed down.

However Agents of SHIELD isn't very good either. I honestly can't believe how it's still going. It would have been good but they went in the wrong direction of the show. Only reason they are still going is becuase they latch onto the films success and include tie ins, then you have all the Inhuman stuff to make it interesting.

The only ones I like are Agent Carter because it can't rely to heavily on the films since it's a prequel leading to more original stories and it has better, more likeable characters. Then there's Daredevil which has a great tone, sticks to it, a great cast and keeps to the source material as much as it can