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Wayward Pines: "Betrayal" Review - IGN

IGN: Well that will teach the kids to go off sneaky around for extra biology credit, now won't it? Wayward Pines's "Betrayal" episode saw a fully aware Ethan Burke return to his post as town sheriff, and it sure wasn't pretty. As expected, Ethan ignored Pilcher's advice and told Theresa the truth about their strange little town, but also as expected, she didn't swallow the tale her husband was spinning after being absent for several days. Asking if he had been back in the hospital or if they'd done something to him, Theresa's real reaction to the news went down offscreen, building the suspense as to whether she fully believes him. It was a return to the series' first few episodes, in which audiences were led to wonder if the entire town was something that was actually happening in Ethan's head, and even made us second guess what was actually going on.

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