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Hannibal: "Contorno" Review - IGN

IGN: Whoa! How about Lecter vs. Crawford II, huh?! Season 2 began (and ended!) with an epic brawl between Hannibal and Jack, with both men getting in some good hits, but obviously Hannibal was the victor when all was said and done. But when they faced off for the second time, Jack was fueled by Bella’s death and his own mistakes with Hannibal in the past. And damn, he kicked that cannibal’s ass! Seriously, that was an epic beat down Jack gave Hannibal and I have to say, a very satisfying one. Hannibal is a compelling, charismatic figure, but he’s also a very evil man and given we’d just seen what he’d done to Rinaldo, it was hard not to feel, “Yeah, he deserves this,” as Jack threw him through so much glass and hooked him through the leg, dragging him across the floor.

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04roacht2029d ago

The last 10 minutes were incredible. Such a shame the show will end soon.