Zack Snyder Defends Man Of Steel Ending


Superhero battles are notoriously bad news for urban infrastructure. It’s a populist genre that developed in the decade-and-a-half after a collapsing building became the primary imprinted image in the American subconscious, so on one hand this sort of city-scale destruction can be expected. But as the scope of the stories being told expands exponentially to match the special effects being used to tell them, the presumed body count has grown just as rapidly as the production budgets.

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04roacht2023d ago

I really think that the hate on the destruction in Man of Steel was completely unjustified.

RetrospectRealm2022d ago

Why? There was a ton destruction and people don't like that. Simple as that.

04roacht2022d ago

Well at the end of the day he owes the audience nothing as a director. It's his film. If someone wants to make a different version they should get $200 million together and make their own version. It's also different from what we have seen before. Why do people seem to want the same old thing again and again? It's lame. The destruction also wasn't entirely Superman's fault. Also Superman was on his first day of being a hero.

thekhurg2020d ago

People should avoid action movies then because that tends to happen in them.

This is especially true in the film/comic universe when super powerful heroes battle super powerful villains.

SilentNegotiator2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

"Well at the end of the day he owes the audience nothing as a director. It's his film"

Oh stop it. They're selling it to an audience; don't act like this was a project he made on his super 8 in his basement. He is not immune from criticism.

UltraNova2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Ok let me get this straight, when 2 super powerful aliens (with enough power to destroy entire planets with a single punch-see origin material)do battle in a city here on earth they are supposed to mind their surrounding s and limit their abilities to protect the buildings and people?

Does that sound like a SUPERhero movie to you? Should Superman just save damsels in distress and safely land falling plains in grass filled fields? Or act clumsy and dorky all the time?

Hasn't anyone who didn't like Man of Steel ever heard of DC or read any of their work?

In my humble opinion Man of steel was the first realistic on screen depiction of superheroes fighting each other. Period.

As for the cinematic quality/assessment of the director and Co, I'll leave that to the experts.

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Porcelain_Chicken2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Agreed. People are to quick to anger and complain. They like formulaic, sticking to what they know. It's sad really.

With Zod being the rage monster that he was, and the Kryptonians having a terraforming world engine I don't see how else they could have had an ending without destruction. Also, can you imagine Zod being a minimal threat, taken out with zero casualties and humanity seeing Krytonians as zero threat? They would have instantly embraced Supes and it would have rendered all of Jonathan's ramblings pointless.

RetrospectRealm2022d ago

Saying that he owers nothing to the audience as a director comes off as a really silly to me.

He's a director of a big budget summer blockbuster and was only chosen because people liked his other films. He OWES EVERYTHING to the fans.

04roacht2022d ago

I guess you're right in a sense. But I just don't think art is a democracy. I do think the point of the destruction was to set up future conflict in the films but I don't think it is fair to criticize Synder for doing it the way he chose to do it.

frelyler2021d ago

You are entitled and think your tastes are the best, well they are not. Zod was a megalomaniac who saw humans as ants. His actions are directly in line with how someone like that would act. People just like to complain and hate on great directors. Snyder made Watchmen and people complained it was too close to the graphic novel, he made the movie that was said to be impossible. Peasants need to piss off and count their blessing someone like Snyder is on board.

RetrospectRealm2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

First of all, I wouldn't call Man Of Steel art... but I also believe that the films dealing with all his desctruction and making that a conflict was only done out of spite since everyone was like "Wow so much destruction" whenever they talk about the movie. I initially didn't have a problem with it till I saw the film a few more times and really realized how they crush the whole town. They talk about this on CreatureHub.

hazelamy2021d ago

i wouldn't say completely unjustified.

but it was given a lot more flak that it deserved.

-Foxtrot2020d ago

My problem with the film is that he could have easily lead Zod and his people out of the city as they wanted to fight him

Then you have the fact at the end with Zod trying to kill that family with his heat vision he points it AWAY from the family and slowly moves towards them like he's some Bond villain. Then you have the fact Superman could have just got his hand and put it over Zods eyes instead of snapping his neck.

Porcelain_Chicken2020d ago

Except he did try to take the fight away on multiple occasions. This vid will clear your entire comment up! even the laser beam ting. Watch the full thing, hope it helps! :P

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WizzroSupreme2023d ago

It made sense that Superman be exposed to the ramifications of his actions and why he has the rules that he does.

SilentNegotiator2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

That's why Ma and Pa Kent exist; to be moral guides and teach him what would be the structure of Superman. Too bad Pa was a bumbling idiot that contradicted himself every other line.

Porcelain_Chicken2020d ago

Contradicting? I thought he simply said don't do it because it'll rock the very foundations of humanity. The way I took it was that he was simply shaping him into a good human being until the time was right. Remember when those boys were picking on him, he told him if hitting back would make him feel any better? That helped teach him right from wrong. Separate black and white since he could destroy that kid. That taught him to use his powers responsibly and show restraint, which he later applied in the bar with the trucker (kinda lol).

Now on to Jonathan's grave mid-way through the movie. Clark tells Lois, "My father believed that if the world found out who I really was they'd reject me, outta fear. He was convinced that the WORLD WASN'T READY". <----- Right there. He was molding a good man so that he'd step into those superhero booties when he was ready. When the world needed him most. You have to remember the term 'superhero' isn't even a thing at that point in time.

Now fast forward to the end, after the Zod fight. Clark is visiting Jonathan's grave with Martha. Martha tells him "He always believed you were meant for greater things. And that when the day came your shoulders would be able to bare the weight". Clark replies with "Just wish he could have been here to finally see it happen" And Martha says " He saw it Clark believe me,"

He saw it all along and was shaping him into the kind-hearted man he needed to be for when the world was as ready as it would ever be for someone like him. That's how I saw it anyways. Hope that makes sense, I'm tired as hell lol.

oasdada2020d ago

Destrution aside.. how stupid was the ending? He wears glasses and nobody recognises him? Even loise whi have seen him without the suit before

Aldous_Snow2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Seen it when it came out but can't remember what happened at the end at all..

Are people complaining because they wanted a Dean Cain cheesefest type ending???

Porcelain_Chicken2022d ago


Side note, do you know the lyrics to African child?

Aldous_Snow2022d ago

Of course. But Bangers, Beans & mash and The Clap are a personal favourites of mine.

You will find my full album on Spotify :)

Porcelain_Chicken2022d ago

I was quoting Get him to the Greek! XD

I love those too. I love African Child aswell, even though my gut tells me I shouldn't.... That sounded wrong in so many ways..

bumsick2020d ago

just stroke the furry wall and everything will be fine.

andron2021d ago

Well my issue with the ending wasn't so much the destruction and loss of lives, it fit the stroy ok. But rather that the fight was abit boring and the overuse of bland cgi wasn't helping it at all...

gangsta_red2020d ago

What's hilarious is Superman killed Zod in the original Superman II.

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