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‘Terminator: Genisys’ Alternate Timeline Changes Explained


In the realm of time travel epics, few movie franchises are as easy to grasp as that of The Terminator. Numerous sequels built on the science fiction of the original, and for years, the idea of a man sending his own father back in time to help create him was the only time loop that had viewers scratching their heads. But Terminator: Genisys has changed all that.

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-Foxtrot2025d ago

They are now adding multiple timelines and universes along with the fact they can travel across them. Good grief ¬¬

Aldous_Snow2024d ago

Haven't seen it yet but I know its going to be a confusing clusterfuck mess because of time travel, like all other movies and TV shows.

Leaves so many holes its ridiculous. Then time travel is used to try rectify mistakes of older movies, which in turn leaves even more holes than they started with.. (I'm looking at you Xmen) But Terminator is definitely the worse for it