Michael Douglas Would Love To Join The Avengers


Michael Douglas has been a part of movie history for most of his working life, but at age 70, he's still open to new chapters. When we chatted with him earlier this week at the Los Angeles world premiere of his new Marvel movie Ant-Man, Douglas raved about the craft that went into it.

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Aldous_Snow2033d ago

I love this guy. Would be great if he has a larger part to play in the MCU.

Looking forward to Antman.

-Foxtrot2033d ago

I would like to see him alongside Stark. In one of the trailers he says

"This isn't just some cheap technology like the Iron Man suit"

Imagine if Stark heard that

Love Hank Pym in the comics but it's a damn shame they didn't have a younger version instead of Scott

Aldous_Snow2032d ago

Lol thats a great line.. Banter would be be pretty awesome between those two