9 Of The Most Unashamedly American Films Ever Made

WOW247: "Since it’s the 4th of July and all – we thought we’d pay tribute to some of the finest, brazenly bold examples of American cinema being unashamedly patriotic."

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coolbeans2030d ago

It's interesting to see that specific Independence Day quote brought up (Pullman speech). Even in that quote, it talks about getting rid of Independence Day as just an American holiday.

shodan742030d ago

Funnily enough, that's something I'd never even realised until today, when Movie Bob posted this excellent analysis of the film:

It's still America saving the day, obviously, but the speech is at least actually trying to say more about world unity than just 'hey, isn't the US absolutely awesome?'

coolbeans2030d ago

It's certainly nice to see that kind of positive outlook to a movie I held dear during my childhood; however, some of those half-witted political polemics squeezed in along with the examination just poison an otherwise enthusiastic examination.

I mean...7 years in and we're still going to trickle in racial subtext regarding disagreement of Obama's politics, especially in avenues like foreign policy can that often mirror (or look even worse) than what the proclaimed war criminal Bush had enacted? The shtick got played out by 2010.

Bathyj2030d ago

No Team America: World Police?

That movies a classic.
America, f@$& yeah.
Coming again to save to mother f@$&ing day yeah.