Inside Amy Schumer: “Wingwoman” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Taking apart any sketch reveals the same bare bones structure: a situation and/or character gets more and more absurd until there’s no bigger place to go. The sharpest sketches, though, will pull out a last minute turn that makes you reevaluate the entire thing. Pulling the comedic rug out from under the initial concept is what made a sketch like “Football Town Nights” so successful; it wasn’t just about football players not understanding that they probably shouldn’t rape people, but about how the aggressive way Josh Charles’ coach talks to them about taking what’s theirs on the field eerily echoes the sexual assault he was originally warning against. “Wingwoman” doesn’t have any sketches quite on “Football Town Nights” level, but it has its moments, many of which come thanks to that last minute “wait, what?” moment.

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