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Deutschland 83: “Atlantic Lion” Review - AVClub

AVClub: For a spy show, it’s surprising how much Deutschland 83 plays to the cheap seats. Martin always messes up something basic, like accidentally dropping the coded message in his pocket in full sight of his buddies. This is the guy we’ve seen scale a hotel, break into a room, and crack a safe with almost no training. The second Martin holds a cat, he starts sneezing. The cat screeches as he lets go. Have you ever dropped a cat? They’re pretty cool about it. The dog at the Art Deco shop sniffs out the spy and barks at him, which isn’t great customer service if you ask me. Later the dog chases Martin through the store, growling whenever he isn’t licking Martin. It’s almost like pantomime. Turn it up a little more and you could have Blackadder.

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