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Under The Dome: “Redux” Review - AVClub

AVClub: The good news is that even though everyone is now back under the dome after spending the season premiere in an alternate reality, the show hasn’t immediately reverted back to the crisis-of-the-week formula. The dome isn’t shrinking or freezing or turning into a giant cheese grater, and the population of Chester’s Mill appears to be down to a manageable number, although it’s never easy to tell. (At times it looks like there’s maybe 30 people left, but then what’s the deal with all the tents being set up? There should be plenty of empty houses to go around as long as people don’t keep burning them down.) Much is explained about what went down last week, although it isn’t explained in a particularly coherent or easy to follow manner. As always, Under The Dome’s primary narrative mode is confusion, but eventually the shape of this season’s arc emerges from the fog.

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