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'Infinitely Polar Bear' Review | The Reel Roundup

TRR: In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo play a Guardian of the Galaxy and an Avenger; but in Infinitely Polar Bear, the semi-autobiographical debut feature from writer/director Maya Forbes, they're heroes of a more down-to-earth variety. As Cam and Maggie Stuart, Ruffalo and Saldana play the parents of two young daughters just trying to get by in 1978 Boston. But with Cam's bipolar disorder and his recent nervous breakdown, it's tougher than it looks. So when Maggie enrolls in an 18-month MBA program in New York City, leaving their girls in Cam's care, it proves to be an awkward situation for all. Over time, however, father and daughters learn to make the best of it, and learn a little something about loving each other along the way. The result is a film that tackles serious topics like mental illness and family dysfunction, but in a way that's neither depressing nor overly melodramatic. On the contrary, Infinitely Polar Bear is poignant, funny and uplifting. Yes, you could say it's guilty of oversimplifying the family's hardships. But then again, life's already complicated enough as it is.

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