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From Cinelinx:

Terminator Genisys starts out well enough. It’s the future, and the war against the machines that we’ve been hearing about for the last four decades is on the verge of closure. We get to see a moment in the franchise that was often talked about, but until now, never shown on screen. In a last-ditch attempt, the machines send one of their own back in time to kill Sarah Connor in 1984. The humans respond by sending one of their own. Genisys then becomes a rehash for a little while of the original film before doing its own thing. For the sake of nostalgia, those few minutes and everything leading up to them are interesting and exciting to watch. Then, everything goes bottoms up in an ever-increasing uncontrollable chain reaction of stupidity.

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WizzroSupreme1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

So, guess "avoid this like the plague" is basically the consensus here too for Terminator: Genisys. *sigh* Sure hope Arnold gives this a rest and won't ever be back again. The nostalgia's not worth it anymore.

Lord_Sloth1980d ago

So you're not gonna see a movie because some dude on the internet didn't like it?

RetrospectRealm1979d ago

There's actually a ton of people on the internet that don't like it. But Wizzro is still wrong not to check this out. It's the freakin Terminator!

coolbeans1979d ago

Perhaps not that drastic, but maybe just not worth running out to see it + the cost of a movie ticket are taken into consideration.

TricksterArrow1979d ago

The consensus is that it is better than Salvation and Terminator 3, yet people are basically giving this a lower score than both. I truly cannot understand this...

evilstuie1980d ago

I don't know WTF these "critics" were expecting, but I love Genisys.

It had all the elements of Terminator 2 that i wanted, it essentially wiped the slate clean for a new story for the next movie, it had the right mix of comedy, action, and sci-fi.

All the reviews I've read are people complaining that they didn't evolve the franchise enough... FFS it's a movie, its meant to entertain!
It's not meant to be some sort of pushy social commentary, if that's what you want, go check some hipsters blog, if you want an entetaining movie, go see Terminator:Genisys, and stop listening to critics who can't enjoy a movie or make a name for themselves without negging on every aspect of the movie to make themselves think they are different from every other 15 year old with an internet connection and access to a forum.

Pillsbury11979d ago

Genesys was good, and I thought it would be another salvation. If you love terminator you will like this, don't listen to Internet critics.

Spiewie 1979d ago

Wasn't looking forward to the terminator really. Not much in the cinema at the moment.

gsperno1978d ago

It's really simple guys.

You will hate this movie if:
1. You think that Terminator 2 is one of the best action movies ever made, and any additional sequels are sacrilege.
2. You appreciate new movies that are creative.
3. You don't see the benefit of adding more sequels to a franchise that didn't need them in the first place.
4. You like good acting.
5. You are painfully depressed in regards to Hollywood's continued attempts to milk money out of nostalgia.
6. You think monotonous direction is a waste of ideas and talent.

You will love this movie if:
1. You like Arnold.
2. You don't mind if the plot is convoluted and makes no logical sense whatsoever, to the point of almost making the first two highly regarded and revered films not matter at all.

I don't see what all the fuss is about with this movie getting bad reviews. It deserves them.