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This Week's Cover: First Look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Ultimate Superhero Showdown


If you thought Pacquiao/Mayweather was the most-hyped head-to-head you’ve ever seen, just wait until these two contenders step into the ring. Batman and Superman are arguably the two biggest names in comics, a pair of capes known the world over, and Warner Bros. has thrown the mega-stars of DC Comics into a production that’s one-half superhero movie and one-half Pay-Per-View event.

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Porcelain_Chicken2031d ago

Looks good. Gal looks beautiful. Healthier lol. Anyone else think her head looks... Off? Like photoshopped onto that body? The neck is bothering me. Other than that I have no complaints, I'm stoked!

hazelamy2030d ago

when i first saw that third picture i wondered why Paul Rudd was in this. ^_^

SilentNegotiator2030d ago

I hope Henry Cavill gets better writing to work with this time; he has the perfect mannerisms for a great Superman but had such stilted lines in Man of Steel.

Porcelain_Chicken2030d ago

Blame whoever keeps thinking Goyer can handle scripts by himself. I'm glad they got Terrio who rewrote the living hell out of Goyer's original draft. Hope that is enough. I also hope Goyer gets flicked in the baby makers.

WizzroSupreme2030d ago

Bet that's really a wig Lex is wearing in the movie – pure irony.

Spiewie 2029d ago

Batman looks a bit silly in my opinion... The rest looks great though.