UnREAL: “Truth” Review - AVClub

AVClub: What are the women of Everlasting in this for? Are they on the show to find love? To find fame? Do they just want a free vacation to several far-flung destinations? “Truth” is the first episode of UnREAL to delve into the contestants’ reasons for joining the cast of Everlasting, which is pretty important given how much hell they go through at the hands of the nefarious producers. Answering that question also increases UnREAL’s likeness to its source material. One of the most fascinating dynamics in The Bachelor is the way the contestants vet each other, probing for signs of weakness and pouncing at the first sign that one of the women came on the show for less than noble reasons. The paths to a fairytale wedding proposal are narrow and few until you prove you’re pure of heart.

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