First Look At The New Ghostbusters Uniforms


We've seen a few set snaps of the ladies in their civvies already, but now director Paul Feig has revealed the new-look jumpsuits that'll be worn by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones in his currently shooting Ghostbusters reboot. Click on to check 'em out...

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Porcelain_Chicken1207d ago

Not too shabby I guess. Really wish some of the original cast was here tough.

Nodoze1207d ago

Movie is going to bomb. Don't understand why we need a feminist Ghostbusters?

annoyedgamer1207d ago

To pander. I really hope it bombs, money is the only language these studios understand.

gangsta_red1207d ago

The new agenda to make way for Hilary Clinton.

StarWarsFan1207d ago

I love this franchise so much and it pains me to have them ruining it. And it's not about casting a woman, it's about casting all women just for the sake of having women in it. I hope this movie fails just to give studios a sign that this route isn't a creative way to refresh a franchise.