What is the Best Terminator Movie? Our Definitive List from Worst to Best writes: "With Terminator Genisys set to explode into cinemas this week, we went back over the entire franchise to date taking in entries from the 1984 original to 2009’s Salvation. We’ve combed through the car chases, endured the punch ups and winced at the many (many!) one liners. And now we’ve got the definitive list of Terminator movies from worst to best."

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Aldous_Snow1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

T2 will always be the best. The SFX still hold up today. Way ahead of its time. Bloody amazing.

I enjoyed T3 for what it was. Got alot of undeserved hate. I agree that the guy who played John Connor was an annoying little bastard though.

Salvation was horse shit

allbestin1299d ago

Terminator 2 was great and best of all. The emotions were so high and story was also nice.

ReconHope1297d ago

T2....Not even a question. Movie set up the standard of action movies and still stands tall as one of the best.