Salem: “The Witching Hour” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “The Witching Hour” is a beautifully shot episode of Salem. It’s absolutely stunning on a visual level at times, and when you really think about just what it possibly means for the Devil himself to be on Earth, the episode finds a way to truly depict that without going over-the-top with rain of blood and black skies. The opening establishing shot of the episode is an introduction to a new day, deceptively beautiful, and the few scenes with all of the witches together are terrifically framed as they all watch their Dark Lord with fear and reverence (but mostly fear). And the “Hush Little Baby” end montage to the episode and season nails the tone perfectly. The pinnacle, of course, is the church fight scene, which is absolutely tremendous in terms of fight choreography and the sheer horror of the flames engulfing the church (and Mary and the Countess); it’s especially poignant as it’s all topped off with the heartbreak of Mary’s pleas to die as water washes over all of it. This an episode from the co-creators, written by Adam Simon and directed by Brannon Braga, and if there are two people who know what the show should look like, it’s them.

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