'Lucy 2' And 'Colombiana 2' Are In Development

IndieWire: "I don't see how we can do [a sequel]. It's not made for that,” Luc Besson said last summer about the prospect of a sequel to the surprise smash hit "Lucy." “If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now I don't even think about it.” Well, it looks like he's thought about it and something is brewing.

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Aldous_Snow1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Didn't think much of Lucy. Interesting concept but the movie fell flat for me. Colombiana was pretty good though

Wouldn't say no to a Gamora/Black Widow one on one though.

WizzroSupreme1260d ago

Eh, thought Lucy was just average. Columbiana never really lent itself to sequels, or so I though.

Lord_Sloth1260d ago

Ugg. Lucy was advertised as an action movie but in the end all it was was some woman walking around places telling a scientist he's dumb compared to her but has the right idea.

Porcelain_Chicken1260d ago

Personally I thought Lucy was terrible. It was convoluted and tried to be smarter than it clearly was. Using that %8 of the brain thing that was debunked years ago was a bad idea. Basically ripping off Limitless was even worse.

Colombiana was highly enjoyable but it i just don't see what a sequel can add to that. Taken was a good movie. Taken 2 and 3 on the other hand... I hope they know what they're doing.

KingPin1260d ago

i didnt expect many people to understand or like lucy, mostly coz they have never heard of, read or understood buddhist philosophies.

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