Under the Dome: Season 3 Premiere Review - IGN

IGN: Under the Dome returned this season with plans not only to axe a few more empty shell characters, but also provide some hard(er) answers. Gone was the Dome itself, for all intents and purposes, in this big double-episode premiere. And in its place was a parallel dream world that borrowed generously from both Lost and The Matrix.
As far as answers go, we may not have gotten the full monty, but an effort was made to drive us toward (hopefully) the endgame. As Melanie led most of Chester's Mill into a cloud realm followed by goo-cocoons, it became apparent that our leads needed to undergo some sort of turning point-slash-catharsis and that the alien beings running the whole gambit relied on these life changes - even if the life itself wasn't real - for their own existence. Which brought Marg Helgenberger (a Stephen King alien TV vet from The Tommyknockers) into the mix as cocooned watchdog Christine.

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