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What Are The Critics Already Saying About 'Ant-Man?'


On Thursday night (June 25), a whole bunch of lucky geeks and entertainment writers — although let’s be real, those aren’t mutually exclusive categorizations — got to see Marvel’s latest movie “Ant-Man” long before it’s July 17th release date.

And spoiler alert! For the most part, the response is good. Like, really good. F-ANT-tastic, even.

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Aldous_Snow1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Sooooooo excited for this. Massive Paul Rudd fan. And you can't go wrong with Michael Douglas. G

As for the 2 big mid/post credit scenes? One must be Spiderman and as for the other?? Maybe something to do with Strange considering theres a hint of him in one of those tweets.. Or the Guardians. Can't see it being about Thanos again...


cell9891982d ago

Damn!! I was hoping they'd spoil the end credits scenes :(

coolbeans1981d ago

But that spoils the surprise for you! :P

WizzroSupreme1982d ago

Sure hope Paul Rudd ends up as the next big Avenger, because this looks awesome.

coolbeans1981d ago

I'm still a little hesitant about it due to the creative disagreements behind closed doors.