3 Reasons Ben Affleck is the Perfect Choice to Direct ‘The Batman.’


Yesterday afternoon, the Internet once again went nuts with news regarding the new DC Cinematic Universe. This time, it was all about everyone’s favorite new Batman, Ben Affleck. According to the latest rumors, first published over at Latino Review, Warner Bros. is interested in having Affleck not only star in a new solo batman film, but direct it as well!

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Porcelain_Chicken1307d ago

I agree he'd be a great choice to direct, directing and starring in his own features is nothing new for Affleck but... This is a big action feature that would be exhausting even if the director wasn't sweating buckets each day in a Batsuit while doing stunt work and a plethora of action sequences. So i tend to doubt that he'd direct, as cool as it would be. He'll be pushing 50 by that point too.

HRoach6161307d ago

I hope he directs. He's an amazing director and always seems to give his best performances when he is directing. I've been hoping he would direct a solo bat film since he was announced as batman.

But I see porcelain_chicken's point of view. Directing and acting/stunts and everything that goes with it would be a lot to handle. But even if he doesn't direct himself I'm sure he would have a major say in who directs and have a lot of input while filming. Either way I think a solo bat film with Affleck will be amazing.

Crazay1307d ago

I still need to see The Town.

Porcelain_Chicken1307d ago

It's a really good movie bud. You should definitely consider watching it soon.

HRoach6161307d ago

Yeah man, in no order it's on my top 10 personal favorite list. Actually a phenomenal movie. Go watch that asap. I believe it's on Netflix

-Foxtrot1307d ago

He should have directed it and nothing more.

HRoach6161307d ago

You could be right, but I have high hopes actually. Only time will tell.

StarWarsFan1306d ago

I'm okay with him directing, but not while also starring as Batman.