An Inside Look Into Tom Holland's Spider-Man Casting


Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man. Marvel is known for being very secretive, but one thing our sources got to uncover is that Tom Holland has not only been picked to play Spider-Man, but that he has had the role since the first week of June.

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StarWarsFan1264d ago

I'm neutral to Holland's casting so far. I'm not disappointed or overly thrilled. They should have gotten an actual New Yorker to play Spider-Man; now that would have been cool :P I hope J.K. Simmons returns and I'd love to see Shailene Woodley actually appear as Mary Jane. In hindsight, it's actually good that she got cut from the last movie. Now she can go in fresh with everyone else. I'd like Sally Field to stay as Aunt May as well.

Secretcity1264d ago

Just the fact that Marvel Studios is in charge means we should be ready for a really good movie.

windblowsagain1264d ago

Why do they keep changing the Spider-man lead.

The original was fine.

Hopefully a decent story this time.

dRanzer1264d ago

Dont get the amazing spider man trilogy will not continue?
Andrew Garfield was great spiderman imo

Minimox161263d ago

No bro :( and yeah I also think that Garfield was a great spider man :/