Three if By Space: Dark Matter: Episode 2 Review – It’s Bubba Time

Three if by Space:
When we last left our space cases, they had just found out they’re supposedly a bunch of really nasty criminals, with the possible exception of Five who’s face and name are not included in the recovered data. The truth is still sinking in as episode 2 opens. Three wants to use that reputation to their advantage and Four says it’s an opportunity to leave the past behind them and begin anew.

Where the first episode was busy filling in the blanks, and with wiped memories in both the crew and the ship, it was pretty much all blanks, this episode began filling in the personalities. We got a nice taste of who they each were in the premiere, but learning even more about them is making them all so much more likable. Being a strong character-driven drama, this is the strength of Dark Matter – characters you love and can relate to.

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alycakes1265d ago

At least I have shows to watch on Friday night. All 3 shows on the SyFy channel are great, Defiance, Dark Matter, and Killjoys.