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FGE - Up until recently, Pixar Animations, one of the giants of the animated film industry thanks in no small part to its partnership with Disney, was in a bit of a rut. Even the most devoted of fans began to notice that the studio seemed more interested in churning out lackluster sequels for its hit money-making properties like Monsters Inc. and Cars than in producing original works in the vein of the heartfelt coming-of-age stories of yore such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Fortunately, Inside Out, the new film from director Pete Docter which features an all-star cast of seasoned comedy actors, heralds a return to form for the animation behemoth. The film contains plenty of laughs and top-notch visual effects that both children and adults can enjoy as well as a poignant underlying message that sometimes the best way to deal with life is to embrace all of it, both the bad and the good.

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