Terminator Genisys: Arnie on the T-800's Relationship with John Connor


Are they friends or foes? Schwarzenegger details the fate of the two characters.

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alycakes1270d ago

No matter how often I watch these clips and trailers I find myself wondering if I even want to bother watching this movie. Am I wrong? I feel so disappointed with the cast choice and even with the story line they have chosen to go with.

-Foxtrot1270d ago

You aren't wrong.

I mean they have given the film some stupid plot which erases the films we grew up with just so they can squeeze out a new trilogy.

I'd rather have a new Terminator starring Linda Hamilton and it tells an alternate sequel to Judgement Day instead of Rise of the Machines. Sarah Connor is still alive and suddenly finds out the machines are coming back to try and complete their mission. She has to race to John who is getting on with his life before the Machines get to him. I don't know something like that.

DarkBlood1270d ago

i might share an agreement at least in regards to casting choice, kyle reese in particular anyways no dude in the future should look like they been beefing up lol.

but i personally made up my mind that its going to be better then salvation and rise of the machine.

i do want to see where this supposedly tv show they are doing will head too, hopfully they stick to it unlike what happened to that awesome sarah connor chronicles which i thought was better then rise of the machines at the time.