Salem: “On Earth As In Hell” Review - AVClub

AVClub: The town of Salem is Hell on Earth. That’s a fact that has always been part of the show, though until now, it had never really been said outright. But the combination of monstrous, hypocritical Puritans and monstrous, diabolical witches have made up the town’s DNA from the opening moments of the entire series. To willingly live in Salem either shows an unflinching bravery, a nefarious motive, or an amazing glibness. Sometimes it’s all three of those things. For most of the series, however, Mary Sibley has worked to bring Hell from beneath the people of Salem right up to them. Despite all of her pain and suffering, it never occurred to her that she was already literally in Hell on Earth. Her idea of Hell meant punishment for the Puritans, but are they not already in a state of constant punishment? That’s one of the questions “On Earth As In Hell” asks and answers, and as such the way the audience looks at Salem is also called into question.

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