The Last Witch Hunter: Lionsgate Wants Vin Diesel to Commit to a Sequel

doesn’t hit theaters until October 23rd but, as one might expect, Lionsgate is already making moves to turn the film into a franchise. Vin Diesel leads as Kaulder, a valiant witch hunter who manages to slay the Queen Witch, but not before she curses him with her own immortality, stopping him from ever reuniting The Last Witch Hunter with his wife and daughter in the afterlife. Today, Kaulder is the only witch hunter left so when the Queen Witch resurrects herself, it’s up to him to stop her from destroying the human race.

Diesel was very busy teasing the movie on his Facebook page all throughout production and now, in honor of “Witch Hunter Wednesday,” he’s sharing some details regarding a possible sequel:

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alycakes1271d ago

Interesting, I guess they think it's going to do well

StarWarsFan1271d ago

I'd like to see him do another xXx movie. I thought the first one was awesome. And the stunts could be pushed even further now like a hardcore version of James Bond.