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Matt Damon Explains Why The Martian is a Love Letter to Science

In December of last year, IGN hopped on a plane to Budapest, not to enjoy the beauty and splendour of Bulgaria’s capital at Christmas, but to spend a little time on Mars. Because inside the largest soundstage on the planet, director Ridley Scott and actor Matt Damon were collaborating on The Martian, a sci-fi epic that combines elements of Gravity and Castaway, but has its own gripping survival story to tell.

The film is based on the novel of the same name which Andy Weir self-published in 2011, and which went onto become something of a literary sensation. It tells the story of Mark Watney, a botanist left stranded on Mars and fighting for his life when a storm hits and his crew evacuate the planet thinking him dead.

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alycakes1954d ago

Damon is great so I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this.

coolbeans1954d ago

I've heard some great things about the novel that praise it similarly too. I'm tempted to pick that one up in the near future too.