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Chris Evans To Become Lead Top Gear Presenter

BBC: British TV and radio presenter Chris Evans will be the new Top Gear presenter, the BBC has announced.

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Aldous_Snow1246d ago

I like Chris Evans.. But I'm biased because I love TFI Friday

However, Top Gear is Jezza, Hammond and Captain Slow.. And I hope Top Gear fails miserably as the paedophile ridden protection corporation BBC deserve all the shit that comes in their direction

Stringerbell1246d ago

I agree. If you attack a co-worker for something trivial you should get a raise, maybe even more vacation days. Fired? Thats nonsense.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

You don't know the whole story lol supposedly in a span of a week before the punch incident Jeremy was going through a divorce, his mom died and he was told he might have tongue cancer, but because he was busy filming the show he couldn't get it further checked out add extreme hunger to the mix and I bet anyone of us in his shoes would have punched a bitch Aswell . Still no reason to self destruct the most viewed show on bbc. Jeremy, Hammond and may are going to destroy top gear with they're new show. Nobody cares about the idea of top gear they care about the presenters.

Stringerbell1246d ago

Yes clearly you're right. If I'm having personal problems I have free reign to physically attack people without any repercussions. I think its written in the Geneva Convention or something...

Defectiv3_Detectiv31246d ago

Don't know if this show will ever be the same again without Clarkson, but he kind of shot himself in the foot. This isn't the first time he's been the subject of controversy, I believe not long ago he was under fire for uttering a racial slur on camera.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891246d ago

May and Hammond aren't coming back so yes the show is going to fail,just look at the U.S. top gear for reference. It's not the name top gear that keeps fans it's the presenters that do it, the dans will flock to whatever Jeremy and gang get up too. And honestly people need to stop being so sensitive. Don't film an old bastard when his off camera if you don't want to catch him being a dick that's his schtick. We can all admit when we think we're alone we blurt out the n word. Let's not be hipacrites because people at the bbc are constantly putting a spotlight on Clarkson id love to see what gets put out there if one of us were put under a spotlight 24/7. Sensetivity will be the deevolution of our species. Growing thicker skin is what we all need to fight for. Can't stop humans from bullying but you can ignor them or laugh it off or not join in, it's alot more effective the crying murder everytime a white person lets the n word slip lol

ilikepizza1245d ago

lol@ when we think we're alone we all blurt out the n word

we do???

windblowsagain1245d ago

Can't stand evans, Don't know how the guy ever got on.

Just a loud mouth idiot.

As for Clarkson.

He should have been punished, but not in the way he has been.

I won't be watching it ever again.

mushroomwig1245d ago

Too bad. They should completely scrap Top Gear and re brand it as something else.

MWH1245d ago

Clarkson, Hammond and May will debut a new show.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891245d ago

Hopefully it's house of cars on netflixs