Childrens Hospital: “Home Life Of A Doctor” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Everyone who reviews Childrens Hospital is required to try to explain his take on the show, so here goes mine.

Childrens Hospital is an endlessly re-buildable sandbox for some very funny people to screw around. Free from all but the barest snatches of continuity—they’re doctors—the show is whatever it needs to be each week to fulfill the comic whims of those drawn to creator Rob Corddry’s outré little world. It may have been sold as a straight-up—if lunatic—parody of Grey’s Anatomy (and every other medical drama ever), but Childrens Hospital has gleefully transformed itself into an all-purpose conceptual comedy delivery system, with the unifying doctor jazz as an infinitely deformable framework. Refugees from comedy entities like The State/Stella, Key & Peele, Human Giant, and more, write, star, and direct under Corddry’s big top, with each week’s episode playing out according to who’s driving the clown car. There’s little reward for them but the fun of it, and the chance to explore comic notions as far as they can go in 11 minutes of television, which explains why the cast list is so variable in this sixth season—these are funny, talented people whose gifts are in demand all over the place, so the show has become especially adept at pivoting to focus on who’s available.

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