Why Arrow-Verse Could be the Next MCU

With the DC cinematic universe in a holding pattern, the adapted DC tv universe on the CW may be the better successor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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SilentNegotiator2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Please. MCU is great because it doesn't overdo it. With a TV universe, you're churning out stories weekly and run into the exact same problems as writing the comic books.

And CW shows are eye rolling melodramas full of iffy actors that look good without a shirt.

Anthotis2000d ago

Arrow was terrible this season.

You can't build or support anything around a show that will face cancellation if it continues down it's current path.

subtenko2000d ago

I thought the third season was cool. During the beginning I didnt know how I felt about it due to the flashbacks and thought it was just all gonna be a somewhat prequel...I wanted new stuff, but I started seeing the new plot develop and started loving the flashbacks and the new characters.

Yea there were moments when I did like some of the characters (Yall know who im talking about...) but it was interesting. Yea, they used some fillers and 'stalled' more than once...but overall I thought it was a good season. I want moreee!

But more like the first and second season.... XD

wannabe gamer2000d ago

all these tv shows are nothing close to the movies. its just a ton of overdramatic BS on the TV shows. i tried to watch agents of shied and i couldnt make it thru the first season due to that twit chloe or whatever whining every episode

2000d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx2000d ago

They're building a pretty solid universe with Arrow, Flash and soon legends of tomorrow. I like that they're using characters we haven't seen in movies cause we've seen that before.

SouthClaw2000d ago

As Anthotis said and many others before. This season of Arrow was terrible. The first was good the second was great the third was just god awful. They need to find a better story for S4.

I do love Flash & the look of Legends of Tomorrow. I hope they can bring Arrow back up to the standards of the previous seasons.