Chandler Riggs Out Of The Running For Spider-Man?


We're still wondering who Marvel's Spider-Man will be, but we know now one more person it won't be.

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, recently tweeted of his hopes of playing Spider-Man being dashed. "Good luck to whoever lands Spider-Man role - it would've been awesome for me," Riggs tweeted.

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Crazay1278d ago

Phewww.... If he was int he running for this role - we dodged that bullet.

-Foxtrot1277d ago

Jesus Christ we are lucky.

The one guy people hate the most in the Walking Dead and they think he would be a good Peter Parker.

Apparently Asa Butterfield is out aswell

However have you seen who they want, their top three

"Tom Holland (How I Live Now), Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire), and Matthew Lintz (Pixels)"

I don't get Marvel. Stop with the baby faced actors

Why can't they do an older works. Read this the other day and it was a pretty good read

Crazay1277d ago

Ya I think I'd probably prefer it was a slightly older Spider-Man. We just did the Origins...what? 4yrs ago? I think it's time to bring along a more experienced Spidey. See what it can bring to the table as far as resiliency, family matters and career while managing his alter ego. Could be Fun

XisThatKid1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Charlie Plummer is my only hope in this than I guess at this point.I don't like Tom Hollands face
and don't think him and Stark will have good chemistry
sorry Charlie Rowe is my last hope wrong name
I don't like any of them to be honest but i'll give em a chance

Aldous_Snow1277d ago

Hate this annoying little bastard. Time he croaked it in The Walking Dead

-Foxtrot1276d ago

There's been so many opportunities aswell.

They should have done it during the Prison Assault. Keep Lori around and instead of her and baby Judith being shot like in the comics replace Judith with Carl.

Two birds, one stone.

WizzroSupreme1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Why can't kids have kid superheroes in movies anymore? Is it the adult thing to act like children and whine about Spider-man being the young teen that he's actually depicted as in his original source material?

Monster_Tard1275d ago

What do you mean anymore? I can't think of many that had kids playing the superhero, maybe Kick-Ass, but that movie wasn't made for children. Kids idolize Adult superheroes more than they do Kid superheroes, they want be Batman, not Robin.

Also these Spider-Man movies have all been rated PG13 and are targeting teens and young adults, getting someone too young to play the role wont satisfy as large of a age group as someone older playing the role. Chandler Riggs would not work and the kid cannot act.

-Foxtrot1275d ago

Kids can look at anyone playing a part and be excited

Adults are totally different

So studios are obviously going to try harder to please adults who grew up with comics and superheroes because it draws in a bigger crowd. They know kids will like anything put in front of them so it's the adult audience they need to focus on.

Soldierone1275d ago

I think they should take a long hard look at a certain actor that was in Jurassic World. (The older brother)

Sorry, but these butterface actors are totally ruining it for me. Spider-Man wasn't 12 years old.

bacrec11275d ago

I know they're casting young, but damn.

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