So Constantine Has Been Cancelled? Good.

With the recent cancellation of the TV show Constantine.

Neil gives his rant fuelled opinion of why it's a good thing and quite well deserved.

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-Foxtrot1279d ago

Hopefully Netflix will do their own show "Hellblazer" and stick closer to the comics.

Set in the UK
An actual Liverpool accent for Constantine
Follow the books

sypher1279d ago

That would be great :D

Porcelain_Chicken1279d ago

After two colossal fails I have little hope! :(

-Foxtrot1278d ago

Isn't that why they say third times the charm

dcbronco1278d ago

The movie was okay. But I'm not someone who's read the comics so there is nothing to compare it with for me. Way too often studios do screw the pooch on their adaptations so I believe it when people say they ruined it. But there was one thing in the movie I can't imagine was better. Tilda Swinton as Gabriel. She was her usual excellent self.

WizzroSupreme1278d ago

I've never seen Constantine, but I might just have to now on blu-ray after all this.

WitWolfy1278d ago

Watched 3 episodes. Was shit to say the least.

nikrel1278d ago

I tried myself and it failed to keep my interest. I did not like the main actor something irked me about him, Speech, Attitude or something.

Summons751278d ago

Surprised you lasted 3 episodes. My tolerance for god-awful things couldn't last 5 minutes with that show.

VerdicLinwe1278d ago

Trolling to be trolling. That show was amazing - the movie was garbage, and this article is garbage.

kingmushroom1277d ago

yup it was good, sucks it got cancelled, i was looking forward to season 2

TheWolverine1277d ago

I was more interested in seeing the other half of the first season... 13 eps was just not enough. sure the show wasnt perfect, but it was an infant, it needed time to grow.

ironfist921277d ago

Hopefully he makes a cameo on FLash/Arrow

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