Silicon Valley: “Binding Arbitration” Review - AVClub

AVClub: One of the finest achievements of this season of Silicon Valley—aside from the extended awkward mariachi scene and the masturbating cyborg monkey—has been the way that they’ve been able to build continuity. Season one went by so quickly, and was dealing with so many other concerns after the death of Christopher Evan Welch, that there wasn’t time to go beyond a basic arc from. This year, with more time to play and a more confident storytelling voice, they’ve been able to set things up in a way where they don’t have to pay off in the same scene or even in the same episode. Take the creation of EndFrame: introduced in “Runaway Devaluation” as simply another sign of how far Pied Piper’s star had fallen, they came back to become simultaneously their biggest rival and shot at salvation.

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