Penny Dreadful: “Glorious Horrors” Review - AVClub

AVClub: An episode like “Glorious Horrors” benefits from the omniscience of the viewer, but it can also suffer from the same thing. From the moment Dorian Gray announces his plans to host a ball that will serve as Angelique’s coming-out party, Penny Dreadful sets us up to anticipate all the delicious ways hell is about to break loose. As with the artifact puzzle that continues to bedevil Lyle and the others, the characters themselves are only privy to bits and pieces of the big picture. Frankenstein, for instance, has no idea that accepting Gray’s invitation means he’s leading Lily into a scenario where she’s likely to be recognized by several people, just as the drugged Sir Malcolm doesn’t know (or at this point, even care) that he’s bringing Vanessa’s arch-nemesis into her direct proximity. We know it all, though, and for its first 40 minutes or so, “Glorious Horrors” leads us to expect exactly what the title promises. This is going to be one of those hours, like “Séance,” where the shit hits the fan in entertainingly bugfuck fashion.

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