Veep: “Testimony” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Testimony” picks up where “B/ill” left off, with the Meyer administration brought before Congress on allegations of fraud stemming from Gary’s verbal agreement to pay Dan and Amy to lobby against the Families First bill. Rather than follow the action behind the scenes, as the show so frequently does, this episode switches perspective and shooting style, mimicking C-SPAN footage and keeping the camera mostly static as staffers come up one by one to testify about the events of the season. This approach makes “Testimony” a rare beast, both standalone (a discrete, compartmentalized episode following the hearings) and serialized (a culmination of the entire season). Rather than propelling episodes forward, as it did in season three, following Selina’s campaign this season has bogged down the action, as one setback after another stymied the team. Putting all of that baggage aside and focusing on telling a contained story, while maintaining the subtext of Selina’s perilous position, works wonderfully to reenergize the season going into the finale.

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