Original Powerpuff Girls Cast Reacts to 2016 Series Reboot

NerdSpan: The original voice actresses who played the superhero trio on The Powerpuff Girls have reacted to the new cast for the Cartoon Network 2016 reboot.

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ajax171280d ago

With the way things are going these days I'm sure they'll bring back Femme Fatale as a good character.

vork771279d ago

Makes me wanna hug them and make them feel better

-Foxtrot1279d ago

Why would they keep some of the original cast but not the original voices.

Pretty shitty move if you ask me.

Wonder if they'll ever bring back Ed, Edd and Eddy

PizzaSteve1279d ago

I know how they feel but I think the young girl viewers will relate more to the young voice actresses.