James Cameron Praises Terminator: Genisys And Dismisses 3 & 4 In First Featurette


Most Terminator fans appear to be on the fence when it comes to Alan Taylor's (Thor: The Dark World) Terminator Genisys, but franchise creator James Cameron has nothing but good things to say here as he also indicates that the third and fourth movies should be forgotten...

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-Foxtrot1280d ago

How much was he paid to say this

The new film basically erases his films from the timeline like they never happened just so they can squeeze out another film and he's praising it.

I mean the whole timeline stuff in the new one doesn't even make sense.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31280d ago

Does it? I was under the impression that the new film is only treating the first two as cannon.

The timeline stuff has never made sense in these movies.

-Foxtrot1280d ago

The events in the first film are shown to happen but because Sarah knows about them everything changes wiping out the first two films.

I mean you see old Arnie waiting for young Arnie from the first film despite the fact that young Arnie wouldn't be sent back as they changed the timeline by going back even further to try and kill Sarah as a child.

Then that also means that Kyle Reese would know about them trying to kill Sarah as a child because he would of came from that altered timeline but in the film you see the version of Kyle who was going back to save Sarah like he does in first film and is stunned to see Sarah actually save him.

So the version of Kyle from the original films ends up jumping to an altered timeline when it should be a version of Kyle Reese who is from that futures altered timeline who knows about Sarah Connor being raised by a Terminator. Doesn't make sense in my opinion....least you could grasp the other films a little.

freshslicepizza1280d ago

this is hollywood, anything can happen and when you apply time travel then it just opens up all possibilities.

is it really impossible for you to just sit back and relax and perhaps at least try to enjoy something without dissecting every little detail? you make die-hard star wars fans look good.

-Foxtrot1280d ago

When a film builds on their own idea of time travel only to do a 180 and decides to make up stuff which goes against that it comes off stupid.

"is it really impossible for you to just sit back and relax"

No because I'm a film buff, that's why I come to these kind of sites and I enjoy the Terminator films....just hate them getting butchered over and over.

I don't see why you care so much about what I say and do. Don't like it then press the block button.

freshslicepizza1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

you litter the game site and this site with your pessimism and i think you get a kick out of it. have nothing against you but wonder what's the point of all your negativity? even in films like mad max that got mass appeal from most everyone you have to be that guy who has something to complain about. is it attention you lack or are you just like this all the time even with your friends going out?

time travel in movies opens up all possibilities. you'll have to see it and see if it does a well enough job explaining itself. trailers don't really show all the details.

"No because I'm a film buff,"

a film buff or a film critic? you have to see a film first to actually try and counter whether it's stupid or not.