Justice League - Gods and Monsters Chronicles Announced for June 8th

WASDuk reports on Machinima's Justice League - Gods and Monsters Chronicles, available from June 8th

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KingPin1280d ago

looks interesting. then again, DC animated movies are always entertaining. funny though how animated movies get away with so much. cast a live action superman with a goatee and the internet will erupt. lol

SilentNegotiator1280d ago

It's old man Superman. Old man Superman always has facial hair or long hair or something.

SilentNegotiator1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I like how it almost feels like a DCAU title (just grittier). You have Waller, Luthor, the big three of the league, Bruce Timm designs...

But most of the new DC animated titles have disappointed me, so I don't have very high expectations. I usually have a hard time getting into alt. universe stuff, too.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31279d ago

Yeah, alt. universes have to be the laziest comic book invention ever. Were it not for the sake of Bruce Timm I couldn't promise that I would watch this.