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'Jupiter Ascending' Blu-ray Review | The Reel Roundup

TRR: In The Matrix, the Wachowskis envisioned a world where humanity was enslaved — bred to be nothing more than batteries for a master race of artificially intelligent machines. Now, sixteen years later, the sibling directors' latest film once again imagine an Earth where the lives of its human populace serve a higher — ultimately nefarious — purpose. Only this time, the planet's savior isn't a man named Neo, but a woman named Jupiter Jones. There's one thing you should realize about Jupiter Ascending, though. And that's that its outlandish plot — a completely off-the-rails mash-up between The Matrix, the Star Wars prequels and The Fifth Element, which the Wachowskis have gleefully chocked full of genetically-engineered human-animal hybrids, evil corporations, dizzying space battles and gravity-defying acrobatics — is all but secondary to the visuals. And the result is as gloriously preposterous as it is mesmerizing. Does that mean Jupiter Ascending treads firmly on "so bad it's good" territory? That depends. Luckily, the Blu-ray dazzles with flawless picture and sound, so at least for sci-fi eye candy, you can't really go wrong.

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